How To Famous On Snapchat Likes Ariana Grande


Snapchat is a app which helps to service for sharing photos, videos, and messages with other people and friends. Snapchat provides some unique feature which later inhabited by Instagram , which is after viewing the message the messages get invisible.

The interesting feature of snapchat is once a Snap has been viewed, it’s gone forever, it cannot be backup. Though this temporary nature of Snapchat it may sound a little strange, as it think about how we interact with each other day-to-day, Snapchat mimics that behaviour closer than any other social network.


The user should be very careful regarding the accounts one should follow on snapchat. Many mischiefs works are done on snapchat as it provides an amazing feature of disabling message, recently Instagram has provided the same feature, which is known as vanish mode but it has right of the user if they want to use that feature or not.

The accounts which should be followed by the user should have   verified account , like celebrities , players , singers , dancers , etc.. Following verified account have less risk then the accounts which are not known by the person, which helps saving from any kind of mischievous work


  • Snapchat also has an unique Chat feature, which disables after it has been seen by a person , to start a conversation with someone just swipe right on their name from once recent Snaps page. Like Snaps. More than 60  percent of users use the app’s chat function every day.


If a user wants herself to get famous on the snapchat platform the user needs to follow some steps which are mentioned below –

  • 1.Firstly the user needs to find and follow friends on snapchat.
  • 2.Then , the user needs to find people nearby their location .
  • 3.The user needs to Ask their email list to follow him .
  • 4.It is most important to Cross-promote on other social media of their snapchat account.
  • 5.Simple way to get noticed is to arrange giveaways, contests, and offer some  coupons of amazon, flipchart etc.
  • 6.To be active the user should Host question and answer sessions weekly or monthly to get noticed towards the audience .
  • 7.Spreading  awareness using the user  blog.
  • 8.Lastly the user needs to Take some  advantage of influencer marketing though any platform.

Using this strategies one can easily grow on the snapchat platform without much works.


  • Brands which are  private about how they are paying to their  popular Snap chatters. But as the report it has been noticed that  two Snapchat users told that Time that the influencers on snapchat can earn from anywhere which is approx.
  • $1,500 a day to more than $100,000 per week, which is high as compared to other social media . There are lot of brands who use snapchat to promote their product so they take the snapchat popular face .



  • ** Nargis Fakhri **
  • ** Sonam Kapoor **
  • ** Ranbir Kapoor ** etc
  • This are the accounts which are focused mainly as there are lot of accounts mentioning them all is not possible as the list are endless. The one who want to follow they can see the above list.
  • This are the some creator who are famous and also gets snapchat sponsorship and gets high paid for one work.


  • According to the users demands the snap chat company works, they changes the filters everyday. The most popular filters are kept while the filters which are not use by the maximum user are removed by the company and they again try to bring some new filters ,so that the user does not gets easily bore with the app and its filters.
  • The most popular filter we have mentioned above is dog tongue emoji which is the oldest filter of snapchat and it is still available on snapchat as the user prefers this filter more and have fun with it.
  • Using filters by famous celebrities also help the snapchat company as the celebrities fan search for it and use it and shares to their friend on snapchat later this process goes on easily. So, this way it benefits the company to attract people through stars.


  • Snapchat is great platform for all ,the new generation as they are attracted more towards the new features and the snapchats provide the great feature and its really popular among  the actors and the teenagers.
  • Getting famous on social media has become a common dream for teenagers who wants to attract the audience , friends towards them .

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