How To Create Funny Instagram Pictures For likes – How To increase Instagram Likes Originally 2021


What Instagram means ?

Instagram is an online photo sharing service. It allows their users  to apply different types of photo filters to their pictures with a single click, then they can share them with friends, social media friends and others . FUNNY INSTAGRAM PICTURES, The app allows their user to upload images, manage their photos, apply filters, and share them with your friends. It also provides lot of new features with unique ideas.

Recently , Instagram has launched a feature similar to snap chat , which is vanishing mode, means once the message is seen by the receiver then it gets vanished, but it’s a choice for the user if they want to use that mode or not .


What is Instagram likes ?

  • Instagram likes refers to the likes which the audience  or followers of the profile gives to their pictures or videos as their work. The like is not so easy to get because among 100 audience only 80 audience can like the post other 20 may not.
  • So, it is not necessary that the post or the content he/she is posting would be liked by everyone. Likes is important as it describes the profile of the user.
  • Its very hard to create a such content which would be liked by everyone , which is not even possible.

What is Funny Post ?

  • Funny post are the post which makes the audience laugh hard and makes them feel relax .And some audience even share those post to their friends for spreading the same happiness to them. This post may related to politicians or singer or celebrities too. Funny post gets viral as fast as compare to any other post. They give some energy to the viewers
  • The one who creates such post should be very talented as creating funny content is not so easy as other post . They need to do 2 times more hard work than the people who creates other post. They also need to think about the content they share on their post should not contain any hatered , violence  or any other words with bad meaning which impact the audience as well as the community. Funny post are not to make other down or insulting them its just a kind of entertainment.

Influencers ( FEMALE) who create funny post and are very popular are –

  • KUSHA KAPILA , with 1.7 M followers
  • SRISHTI DIXIT  , with 691 K followers
  • DOLLY SINGH ,  with 1.2 M followers
  • SALONI GAUR  , with 556K followers.

Influencers ( MALE) who create funny post and are very popular are –

  • ASISH CHANCHALANI ,with 9.3 M followers
  • DIPRAJ JADHAV , with 657 K followers
  • The above creators are the influencers who create funny videos to entertain the audience as well are very popular for their videos. They make everyone laugh with their content and have huge number of followers and are respected by everyone. They have not much haters .

What is caption for funny post ?

  • Caption are the sentences or lines which generally written on the below of the post, and attracts a lot to the audience. The caption should be clear and perfect so that the audience can read it and have no much difficult to understand. Caption is very important for the post either it will be funny or any other post.

• How to upload a funny post for likes •

Uploading funny video is same as uploading videos of other content.

The steps to upload videos are –

  • 1- The user first should have the Instagram app
  • 2- The user need to select the plus symbol in the left corner of the app
  • 3- After clicking the plus , then the user needs to select the content which , he/ she wants to upload
  • 4- Then press the post option .
  • 5- And lastly the contents gets posted on the user feed and reaches to the audiences.
  • This way the user can upload a funny video. But the most important is hash tag, the user should give the proper hashtag for the funny content, it increases the likes and sometimes followers too.
  • The user should have proper hashtag to get the likes because the audience maximum time search for hashtag to get the videos they are searching for.


  • This are the hashtag which can increase the users likes number, as well as followers . This helps to increase the insight reach of their account/ profile.


  • The conclusion of the article is that the likes will increase in funny videos after the video is post should be used with proper hashtag and content. The funny video is not such easy but gets viral soon as compared to other videos as they bring happiness to once face and reduce the stress of the person .

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