What is snapchat?

Snapchat is very popular social media platform for the new generation as it provides various unique features to the user and gives a privacy and security to their user. Snapchat is the first social media platform where the maximum revenue are earned through the ads , which they provide to the various apps, websites , etc.


Snapchat is popular for snapchat streaks-

What is snapchat streak?

  • Snapchat streak is similar to the stickers where the one snapchat user sends something instantly by clicking ,on the another snapchat user.
  • Streaks on snapchat are very popular, the one who has highest streak is very popular among the snapchat friend.
  • Sending streak is very fun for the users as the snap chat company provides very unique stickers and there are lot of interesting and realistic stickers to the users for sending to their snap friends.
  • Snap chat streak was introduced on 6 April 2015, after this introduction the user download has increased rapidly of snap chat.HIGEST STREAK ON SNAPCHAT
  • The longest snapchat streak is 2033 till now this is the longest , no one has till now didn’t crossed the number.

What is maximum streak can a  user send per day?

  • As there is limit for everything , similarly there is limit of 16 per day on sending streaks on snapchat by the user to their friends. Once the user sends 16 streak to one friend per dayHIGEST STREAK ON SNAPCHAT then the user cannot send the streak for the particular day.

Who has the highest streak in the world?

Till now @blacksilkguy has the highest snap streak with a score  of 6 million. He scores 17000 to 30000 points per day on snapchat

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Does celebrities open streaks.

  • Depends on the celebrities , some are there who opens the snap of their fans and makes them surprise. While some who are very famous don’t open the snaps of their fans.  Some famous celebrities have their account public while are managed by social media manager so if the snaps are opened then maybe it is opened by the manager as the celebrities don’t use much social media , they just give to handle their managers.

Banned streaks from Snapchat

  • When the snap chat user use the snapchat badly like if the user sends illegal things to other person and its aginst the snap chat policies then the account may banned from sending the streaks to others.
  • If the account is doing any kind of spam or involved in any spam then the snap chat company may band the accounts from all the future streaks .

After reaching 1000 streaks

  • As it’s a question for lot of snapchat user that what will happen when the user crossed 1000 streaks on snap chat , there is nothing special as a lot of people have 1000+ streaks , they just gets a person emoji on side of their name on snap chat profile.
  • As nowadays getting high streaks is very easy as the user has increased on snapchat and lot of people prefer snapchat . Sending streaks is a fun for which many users install the snapchat.

Amazing feature  of snap

Once the streak is send to  the other user then after viewing the streak by the receiver the streak gets deleted or we say disappear but the number of streak on the profile increases.


  • So we have seen the highest streak, and who has the longest and highest streak on snapchat. Getting high streak is not too hard just one need to be active on the snapchat and send regular streak to the snap friends. And need to stay connected to the friends who are in snap daily. Snapchat is very popular for their streaks which are really attractive and attracts the users .

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