What is veterinarian tech ?

Veterinarian are the nurses/ doctors of animals. They are the one who checks, takes the medical care of the animals like dogs, cow , puppies etc. When an animal gets wound the owner needs to take to them. There is also some monthly check up for the pets who needs to take them to the veterinarian for injection, medicine etc.

Its not so easy to be an veterinarian as the person should have proper training of this field , without experience /proper training the person will not be eligible for this post.


What does a veterinary technician do?

Their work is similar to the nurses who takes the medical care of the humans . They gives injection to the animals and provides the required medicine to them. Some veterinary also provides diet plan to the pets and gives the owner proper guide to look after their animal.

Does vet techs get paid well?

  • Es the govt vet are paid well and private vet depends on their wok and how they treat and provides good medicine to the pet. Working under govt is very hard but the salary is high with good respect.
  • The average paid for veterinary tech in India Rs 17,136 per month. While veterinary assistant salary is average Rs 13,880 per month. Veterinary receptionist is  Rs 15,128 . Hence the veterinary tech are paid very well in India.

Do vet works are stressful ?

Yes, obviously their work is very stressful, as they need to spend a lot of time during the check up of the animal .Sometimes they need to do some actions which gives pain to the animals and it really makes the vet feels sad.

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How to become veterinary tech ?

The one who wants to complete veterinary  should follow the below steps-

  • 1 . The student should complete AS   degree in veterinary technology.
  • 2.   The students should pass the veterinary Technician National exam.
  • 3. The student should be the member of NAVTA.
  • 4. The student should find a job in veterinary clinic .
  • 5. lastly the student  should maintain the certificate of the experiences.
  • Thus, by maintaing the above steps the one will be veterinary technician.

Duration for the course…

  • Generally the duration depends on the state in which the student lives. It takes 2 years for a student to become veterinary tech with proper license , certificate , training etc.
  • The most important is to get a certificate from an association to open private veterinary clinic. The person should be close to the animals and know to tackle the animals so that they can check them up without any further problems.. 


  • Hence , veterinary technician is not an easy work or job for a person because it needs a lot of experience to know what’s going on the mind of the animals as they cannot talk , it’s a bit hard then the work of nurses who take care of the humans because humans can talk and what they need can express it  through words but in case of animals they cannot express through words the nurse should understand by their body language ,
  • so its very difficult to guess what’s going on the mind of the animal. The doctor should be very kind to the animals while performing any surgery they need to soft to the respective animal so that the animal can cooperate with the doctor or nurses. They should not give much pain to the animal. They should be very careful with the pet during the treatment because if something goes wrong then it will lead to the risk to the life of the respective pet as they have no ways to express the wrong treatment . so they need to be very careful.

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