How Does Snapchat Make Money 2021..

SNAPCHAT — Snapchat is a social platform which gives unique features to the user and some cool filter for capturing the moments.
Generally snapchat generates its revenue from the ads which appears on various apps and you tube while viewing the video.

This snapchat describe themselves as camera company as their app provides unique filters to the user and make them share with their friends instantly.

How Does Snapchat Make Money 2021..

The main source of earning of this company is through ads, as they provide various ads to the user on different platforms of social networking. This is how snapchat generates all its revenue.

  • ^^ Snapchat also is paid by brands and companies to be part of their discover feature . The discover feature includes stories and videos of different brands which are linked to their websites and content .^^

Snap Inc the parent company that owns Snapchat , also involve in selling Spectacles , glasses with a camera that can take pictures of your own point of view .

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With more than 150 million daily users and a nearly $17 billion valuation, Snapchat is worth more (on paper) than a number of other well-known public tech companies like Twitter, it is very famous app and well knowed to all
But what makes investors so confident that they invest on Snapchat — a company known for disappearing messages and quirky face filters..

The company plans to make somewhere around $300 million in revenue this year, up from a $50 million revenue target last year. It’s also telling investors that it could be a $500 million to $1 billion business in 2017 , which is really a high jump .


With Geofilters, the user will no longer have to provide details manually. Whether they’re in a mall, national event, or famous landmark, SnapChat offers exclusive filters that will give context to any snap. They’ll no longer have to explain where they are, what they’re doing, and why they’re there.

Consequently, they are encouraged to quickly produce user-generated content and share it to their social circles.


This is how snapchat makes money and still attracts the user towards them , it has an amazing features which help the user to trust the app. The main source of their income is to earn to various ads they provide during various social networking surfing…

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