What is Radiology ?

RADIOLOGY TECH PROGRAM is the science which deals with the x-rays / nuclear radiation, especially for medical uses under the health sector. Radiology examine or take photography of patients organs, bones, etc., with such rays.

which is also known as  medical x-ray photographs. With the help of this photos the doctor can identify the internal injuries of a patients.


What is radiology tech program ?

  • The program where the students need to be the Bachelor of Science in Radiologic Technology which is a four-year degree program used to train students on how can they operate medical imaging equipment’s like,
  • X-rays, CT scanners, MRIs, sonogram machines, and other computer works and web-based software programs, to identify the internal injuries of a patients. This program comes under the medical programs and are related to medical sectors.

What does a radiologic technologist do ?

  • technologists or a healthcare professionals who perform diagnostic  procedures, like X-ray examinations,  (MRI) scans and (CT) scans of a patients or a person.
  • Most tech who work in hospitals,  some work in under the doctors’ offices and some in private clinics. They play very important role in medical.

What is an algorithm in radiography ?

  • Radiology algorithm is an algorithm which usually a small piece of computer code which takes a medical images as input and then returns an answer to the radiologist to help with his/her analysis in the work. Its seems to be easy but a bit knowledgeable..

Is a radiologist a real doctor ?

  • No, Radiologist are not the real doctor but they are the medical doctors who are  specialize in diagnosing and treating wounds and diseases with the help of medical imaging (radiology) procedures like X-rays,  (CT) scans, (MRI), and ultrasound, to find the wound and give proper treatment to it properly.

Is radiology a stressful job ?

  • Yes, radiology is a bit stressful work. But the most stressful  work for radiologists is the work overload, the work load of a radiology is very stressful . The current  staffing and facilities and concerns about the funding is also a major aspect of stress, where  the positions made on radiologists by other clinicians.
  • They need not to work night as they work in the morning with full swing without any  breaks, But the radiologist who work under the big hospital need to give their shifts day and night.

How long does it take to become a radiology ?

  • If  a person thinks that becoming a radiologist tech is the right career for that person and he/she have interest then the person needs to find a perfect programs, and institute with best internship programs.
  • So, there are 3 options for the person who want to study radiology. The person can get a certificate, which takes at least one year or the person  can get an Associate’s degree of two years or a Bachelor’s degree in four years. This depends on the student how well he/she is prepared himself/herself for the program.
  • Also when a person is licensed technician, he need to take a certain number of CEUs, or continuing education units, per year. For the betterment of their works ?

How they are  paid ?

  • The Radiologist gets their paid for each procedure they do but  lot of  procedures are being done, and the most clinically valuable ones (like CT) are among the most expensive.

How much does a radiologist earn in India ?

  • Radiologist who have less than 1 year experience can expect to earn an average is ₹1,700,000 based on their 5 salaries.  Radiologist who have 1-4 years of experience earns an average  ₹3,800,000 based on 12 salaries. And other depends on their work and time they give to the work .

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