How To Edit Instagram Post.

What is Instagram post?

A Instagram post is a photo or video that Instagram user shares on the platforms. This is a post or videos generally posted to show the daily lifestyle of an individual specially the actors and actress…This post sometimes acts as medium of transferring their lives to the public who are the fans of a specific actor or actress.

How To Edit Instagram Post.

• Advantage of Instagram post •

  • Instagram provides high visibility of the post , which is posted by an individual. The post uploaded by a person appears on the feed of that person who is following him or her in this platform.
  • By posting in this platform many well talented person came into focused in all the fields like dancing, singing, rapping etc…
  • This platform gives equal opportunity to one and rise them according to their talent and efforts they put on ..
  • Recently it has became very hard to make name in the Instagram as the completion level has been risen up specially due to recent global lockdown…
  • Business can be done easily on Instagram by posting one picture and giving all the information in the caption and then any person can easily contact them without any delay about the enquires

• Disadvantage of Instagram post •

  • The main drawback of the post is that if the account is in public mode of an individual then the post or videos or any content can be taken by someone for the misuse and it can be used for various purpose like making of fake account..
  • The post can be taken either by using various apps or screenshot…
  • It depends on the users how they like to keep their profile in front of the audience. Some people create fake account on Instagram to do various frauds and bad works..
  • But the best feature of the Instagram is that if any account does any unwanted action than they can be reported and after 7 to 10 days the account gets blocked from the Instagram.


  • Editing post on Instagram is very simple and easy it has very easy assessing features ..One can upload a picture or video or any content easily with filters and appropriate size..
  • Before posting one should have perfect caption for the post which attracts a lot people towards them . caption is the most important element of any content posted by an individual. The caption gives audience a perfect mind set about the post..
  • One should collect the best hashtag of the post and the most trending hashtags which increases the followers as well as the likes of the content.
  • Hashtag plays a vital role in the post…

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  • The post shouldn’t be too much filtered or too much of overacting in the reels which leads to loose of followers and change of the mentality of the audience regarding the respective person..
  • When all the above criteria are done the last one is to add a location and the person wants to add his or her friends in the post then he or she can do that with “ TAG PEOPLE “ option..
  • And finally the post reaches to the audience who are following to that person, if the account is public then it reaches to wide area of people ..
  • And the like and comments comes floating continuously when the post gets any like or comments. Sometimes followers also come..


The editing of the post is very simple and easy any one with less experience can edit the photos.. Editing the post is necessary because it attracts more audience to that person who is sharing the post which helps the person in rising the followers and likes rapidly..

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