YouTube videos are generally  posted by a random people with creative and non creative content from all over the world, from all types of backgrounds , status etc. Post YouTube Video on Instagram
You tube is very popular and most downloaded app in the world with millions of users. You Tube is owned by google.

Recently it is found that the  users watch more than one billion hours of YouTube videos each day which is maximum as compared to other, and 100+ per hours of video content are uploaded to YouTube servers every minute and everyday.



Instagram is a platform full of photos videos, pictures with maximum amount of likes to attract the audience towards them without any efforts of the person who is using the account. Instagram helps one person to be connected with another person, who may be not  in the same state, country etc.

During this pandemic situation Instagram is helping lot of people as the information of the oxygen sharing which is spreading soon and it reaches from the patient to the supplier. Not only this pandemic there are lot of resource which this platform becomes useful. Instagram is very popular social platform and has billion + users and thousand+ users use everyday.


  • You Tube is social platform where the video sharing service is present and it  allows the users to watch videos posted by other users of any topic related and upload videos of their own choice and this service was started through an independent website in 2005 and was initiated  by Google in 2006.


Uploading  video is very easy the user needs to follow the below steps
The steps are –

  • 1.The first step is the user needs to have an Instagram app.
  • 2. Secondly the user needs to open the app on their phone or P.C.
  • 3. After opening the app , on the left corner plus sign arrives which refers to the uploading on the user feed.
  • 4. After pressing the plus sign the user needs to select the video which he/she needs to upload on the feed of their profile.
  • 5. After the above steps a caption space appears and location , tag people various option arrives for after fill upping the required this post option appears
  • 6. Lastly by pressing the post option the video gets uploaded on the respective feed.

So, by following the above steps the use can easily upload the content on their feed.

• How to Download the video from YouTube •

  • 1.Firstly the user needs to open the app and need to click on File.
  • 2.Then, the user needs to select the download browser.
  • 3.At the bottom of the screen the user will able to see the browser box.
  • 4.After that the user needs to click on the video file that he/ she want to download, Video Gets  create a pop-up.
  • 5 After downloading the video the user needs to go to the Instagram app.
  • 6After Log into the Instagram app, the user needs to share on their profile.


The user needs to follow the simple steps they are –

  • 1 . After downloading the video from the you tube the respective video it saves to the gallery.
  • 2. Then the user needs to open the Instagram app of their profile where they want to upload the video
  • 3. The user needs to click on the +  symbol
  • 4 Then to the option of post .
  • 5 Then the user needs to upload the video by selecting the choice video and click on the post option with the respective hashtag, location and tags.

In this way the user can upload the video from the you tube to the Instagram.


There advantages of Instagram videos are as follows –

  • 1. If a brand promotes their product on Instagram, then their product is highlighted more and  reaches more to the audience through Instagram.
  • 2. It provides the brands to give the full description of the product in 1 minute
  • 3. While making  a video the brand create a video in such a to attract people and the customers really gets attracted to them.

So, sometimes the brand use you tube to upload on the Instagram .


  • Instagram is very active social media where more than 1000 people are active at a time. Using hashtag on the videos and post helps the user to gain followers, likes , views etc . Using hashtag helps the user to grow .  There are lot of hashtag but for a timing we are mentioning some of the in the below .
  • #followforfollowback
  • #instagram
  • #mood
  • #love
  • #likeforlikes
  • #videosviews
  • #nature
  • This are the basic hashtag one should use to grow on the Instagram its not compulsory but can be their choice . The important hashtag is the user should use the hashtag on that theme which he/she is uploading on the feed which helps the audience to reach out to the video.


  • Uploading videos or using Instagram is not so hard the one should only required a experience and uploading video of the audience choice helps to increase followers as well as likes sometimes views too. Getting video from you tube and uploading them to the Instagram is not hard and one can do it easily from the above steps.

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