How To Stop Sponsored Ads On Instagram?

• What is sponsored ads on Instagram •

  • Instagram Sponsored Ads, also known as ‘Marketing’ where a business promotes a product through Instagram stories or post. This are the type of post where business pays to Instagram to promote their business through post or stories .
  • Instagram sponsors Ads offers various opportunities for businesses of all sizes to reach their target towards audiences. Its very impressive as being able to reach the specific groups of Instagram users which the manager of the business want to connect with, engage them, and convert them into customers.
How To Stop Sponsored Ads On Instagram?

In 2015, Instagram opened up Instagram ads , using the Facebook Advertising system, where marketers can reach Instagram’s 600 + million users , and with 400 million people using Instagram on daily basis and always active on Instagram, Instagram ads have become an great advantage for brands, who are looking to increase engagement in their business through Instagram.

Instagram advertising uses Facebook’s advertising system which is very powerful to attract audience .

They target people on their behaviours to their feeds. Maximum time Ads comes on the feeds on the basis of the search history on the Instagram. Instagram provides ads on the basis of the persons interest .

• Why use Instagram ads •

Since Instagram launched advertising in 2015, Instagram ads have changed more than 1 billion users actions. And just last year, it was more than the year 2015 as Instagram increase its advertising .

** A Survey in 2016 found that 63 % of US ad agency professionals planned to use Instagram ads for their user. This is a huge jump from the 34 % in the year before , making Instagram ads one of the most popular social media advertising choice. It helps a lot of business to increase their business. This is a great platform for all the business agencies **


• How to stop ads •

Since Instagram introduced ads a few years ago, it’s became impossible to scroll through the feed of an account without seeing frequent posts, who are trying to sell the person something. Sometimes short video trying to get the owner of an account to buy Slim Jims or sunglasses.

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• Now lets see how to ignore such post •

  • As one go through the feed, each time the person come across a sponsored post, the he or she need to tap the three-dot icon in the right hand corner and select “Hide This.”
  • When question comes like: why you want to hide it, the person should select “It’s inappropriate:
  • One should repeat this process for every sponsored post the person see each time when he or she scroll through the feed on his or her respective account in a day or he/ she will notice a decline in the number of ads. After a week they’ll disappear altogether.
  • Thus Instagram sponsored ads should stopped as it sometimes shows unwanted ads which sometimes are not appropriate for the age group less than 18.
  • It consumes once times and sometimes attracts the person towards the business and it sometimes forces the person to buy the things or the respective brand…
  • It consumes a lot of internet as well.

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