Instagram is a platform full of photos videos, pictures with maximum amount of likes to attract the audience towards them without any efforts of the person who is using the account. Instagram STORY helps one person to be connected with another person, who may be not  in the same state, country etc.

During this pandemic situation Instagram is helping lot of people as the information of the oxygen sharing which is spreading soon and it reaches from the patient to the supplier. Not only this pandemic there are lot of resource which this platform becomes useful. Instagram is very popular social platform and has billion + users and thousand+ users use everyday.



  • Instagram Stories is a feature available on  Instagram where every users can capture and post their or any other related images and video content in a slideshow format. Stories also allows their user to add  text, drawings and emojis  to images or video clips. Same as like Snapchat, filters and  stickers Instagram  also available for Stories.
  • Instagram Stories allows their users to post photos and videos which intent to vanish after 24 hours, but with recent uptodate the story remains in archive where later the user can view it at any time. Instagram Stories were launched in August 2016, More than 500 million Instagrammers use stories daily.
  • Regular putting stories on Instagram helps the user to be more engaged with the audience and help them to rise. Now Instagram also provides their user to add songs of their choice on the story , which makes much attracted to their story. Instagram also have a boomerang feature which is only for 10 sec and with more fun.

What is the purpose of Instagram stories ?

  • ‘Instagram Stories’ enables their users to capture everything/ every moment of their life. Instagram stories are temporary, which only last for  24 hours and then they’re gone, just like the chocolate that one has bought.

What do the Instagram story stats mean ?

Instagram stats means

  • Impressions – The total number of views the users story has received.
  • Reach – The number of unique accounts who saw the users story.
  • Taps forward – The number of times someone taps to skip to the next piece of the users story.
  • Taps back – The number of times someone taps to go back to a previous story of the user.
  • This stats help the user to view their insight and see their progress of the account and how many people visited their account.


Uploading pictures on Instagram story is not so tough .

  • 1.The user should first have the Instagram app .
  • 2.After opening the app front left side plus symbol appears
  • 3.After clicking the symbol camera appears and then select the picture from the gallery .
  • 4.After selecting the picture the user can put or insert strikers of various style.
  • 5.Then the  user finds a send option appears downward after clicking it the story gets shared to the followers .

By following the above steps one can easily upload a story on their feed.

How to put multiple pictures in one story on Instagram ?

Instagram allows their user to put the multiple picture on one story, by following the steps-

  • 1-The user should  open their stories and need to tap on the square icon at the bottom left corner to add the pictures from the gallery.
  • 2-To select multiple photos, the user need to tap on the “Select multiple” button at the top right corner. …
  • 3     Then select again the picture from the gallery and here the multiple story is ready
  • 4  Lastly the user needs to click on send button.


  • Instagram recently has confirmed that 100 clips (photos or videos) is  the maximum number of Instagram Stories that can be posted at one time.

Where is the Instagram story ?

  • Instagram Stories generally appears in a bar at the top of the users  feed — and then all Instagram accounts will be able to share stories, from the best friends to the popular accounts. Using hashtag on stories helps the one to get maximum no of reach on their story.

How to add more stories on Instagram story ?

  • By click the plus sign in the top right corner, of the notifications button and then the user needs to select the STORY option in the bottom right corner of the users feed. The the user needs to tap on the photo gallery in the bottom left corner. Then the user needs to select the photograph he  wants to add and then click on it and its done.


  • Instagram story is very popular nd is very easy to upload . It helps the user to keep contact with their audience and helps to increase their insights and followers .

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