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Snapchat is a app which helps to service for sharing photos, videos, and messages with other people and friends. Snapchat name provides some unique feature which later inhabited by Instagram , which is after viewing the message the messages get invisible.

The interesting feature of snapchat is once a Snap has been viewed, it’s gone forever, it cannot be backup. Though this temporary nature of Snapchat it may sound a little strange, as it think about how we interact with each other day-to-day, Snapchat mimics that behaviour closer than any other social network.


The user should be very careful regarding the accounts one should follow on snapchat. Many mischiefs works are done on snapchat as it provides an amazing feature of disabling message, recently Instagram has provided the same feature, which is known as vanish mode but it has right of the user if they want to use that feature or not.

The accounts which should be followed by the user should have   verified account , like celebrities , players , singers , dancers , etc.. Following verified account have less risk then the accounts which are not known by the person, which helps saving from any kind of mischievous work.


  • There are many filters on the snapchat and all have their uniqueness. The  maximum of user use dog tongue filter which  is funny and gives a cute look to the users and have a fun with their friends . Using this filter has another superstitious choice i.e the people loves dog as compared to other animal so many people use this emoji and have fun with their friends.
  • There is another popular filter which has  beauty makeup that are generally prefer and use  by the girls, as it appears some jewelries’  on the filter , as it is also  known that  maximum of girls are front of jewelry so they like to use this filter . Thus there are lot of filters which is  unique to the other filter in snapchat , explaining all of them will have endless lists.


  • Ilana Glazer  is an American citizen and also a  director, producer, writer, and actress. She is also a comedian and also a well knower in her country.
  • She was born on 12 June 1987, in New York . Her parents are Sandi Waxler and Larry glazer.



  • ** Nargis Fakhri **
  • ** Sonam Kapoor **
  • ** Ranbir Kapoor ** etc
  • Among the above celebrities Iilana glazer also a famous on snapchat and have a lot of fan followers.  She is  the one of the among famous and top influencer on snapchat to be followed


  • Snapchat maximum of  its revenue comes  from ads , which appears on various app present on the play store , it also appears on the middle of the you tube video online streaming.
  • Snapchat also offers their user to use a mobile-phone camera application which  allows their  users to take cute , beautiful , funny etc photos and videos through this app and help them to exchange them with family and friends, and chat.
  • Snapchat also earns money through another social media app and filters which are runner by the user from various place of the India. Similarly  ILANA GLAZER also have an advertising through which she earn and also she is being sponsored by the brands where she is paid for using snapchat and doing advertisement on it.


  • According to the fourth quarter of 2020, Snapchat rise up to 265 million daily users, who is active on this platform on daily basis .  With the help of  continuous growth of the snapchat user through worldwide, Snapchat became  one of the most popular social networks on todays generation.
  • Ilana glazer has become popular in all social media even though in snap chat as it is not so easy to become famous on snapchat for every celebrities as the audience is high and the coemption is too high on snapchat , but she grew on that social media very fast and have lot of streaks and fan followings .


  • She is the celebrity with lot of fan following in the social media platform and she has an advantage of being comedian for which many people gets attracts to follow her . She Is very active on her social media and uploads her regular works on snap chat.

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