Post YouTube Videos On Instagram 2021

When Instagram have started , it became a place to share once happy snaps, it has fast evolved into the app of choice for all things YouTube Videos. And it allows sharing stories and saving them as highlights, posting Instagram live , or posting videos on IGTV wasn’t enough, so Instagram allowed YouTube content share directly to Instagram .

Post YouTube Videos On Instagram 2021

As all know that any content is king when it comes to promoting the services online , who really has the time or energy to create unique content across all platforms, like Instagram and Facebook to YouTube and TikTok. The thought of creating all content is not as easy as it seems Unique content on this platforms make a great way to maximise once reach and grow of the followers. Plus, as we all know, video is the best-performing content type on Instagram — even if that’s reduced slightly if one is not creating it natively on Instagram

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Sometimes sharing YouTube videos on Instagram attracts the audience of the Instagram towards the YouTube video which increases the amount of subscribers , which is a great benefit for the youtubers ..

^^ Nowadays young youtubers promotes their channel through Instagram and become popular both on Instagram and YouTube ..^^

  • The content posted on Instagram should be a good content to attract the people towards YouTube after the watch of 5 to 6 secs.

!!! The video posted on Instagram should be in hd quality for the better visibility of the content.!!!


After the person records the video using the by his/ her way of recording. Now the person should follow the steps bellow to upload the videos on Instagram …

  1. One should click the ‘next’ in the upper right corner of the Instagram app.
  2. One should then add filters, trim the length of the video, or choose the frame the person likes or want to use as the cover photo..
  3. One should then Select ‘next’ again.
  4. Then the person should create a caption, tag people, add the choice location, and choose if the Instagram post cross-shared to other services like Facebook or Twitter…
  5. Then one should select ‘Share’ in the upper right corner of the Instagram app..

This is how the once can upload a youtube video on the Instagram without ay confusion, it is really easy to access for both the person who have less knowledge about the Instagram along with the person who is expert on Instagram….

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