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What is the meaning of product management ?

Product management is the management that  role and function within an organization which is responsible for a product’s totally success and achievement . Product Managers are the person who works under the guidance of the owner of the company and,

then they  work with groups inside and outside of the company with many staffs in order to build and execute a success  plan to make sure that   the product gets best frame and being able to meets its financial and strategic goals. In a company it is very important to manage the products to get reach to their customers.


What is included in product management ?

  • Product management is a management which deals with company  new product’s  development, business growth , planning, verification, forecasting, pricing, product launcher , and marketing of their  products and the products frame.

What is the knowledge about the concept of product management ?

  • Product Management is a business structure where a company  supports and keeps managing  all the activities related to the markets developing, market selling. It also help to play a  role inside the Development department, which keeps eyes on the development of the products of the respective company .

Why is product management so important ?

  • Product Managers for the person who help in management  and  are very important  backbone like for a respective company, or a particular business. They generally  monitor each and every team under the companies rules and regulations ,
  • and they need to  ensure that everything is  being completed on is track in a proper manner , from the first step of the initial  of a product to the release of the product, but they need to present their  products to the stakeholders, and executives as per the rules of company.

What is product management in tech ?

  • A technical product manager (PM) means a product manager who have  a strong technical background and knowledge which is generally  focused on the more technical works  of a particular product. A technical PM works more frequently  with the engineering team than the business, sales, and marketing teams of the organization.
  • During this 2021 and the pandemic  technology has played a vital role for the company as due to restrictions and lockdown by the government the company operate throught online means technology, in such situation it plays a great role to connect with the customers and can they can buy the products from the company without any difficulties

What is the career path for a product manager ?

  • The product managers can own their own functions or departments, which is generally  common for experienced product managers to follow their  career paths into general management or functional management ,
  • which plays a very important role in the branches of the companies . There are many more managements who move into sales and marketing roles, which is also an essential management for the company by managers .

• Advantages of product managers •

  • 1.They help to Strengthen the collaboration between internal teams.
  • 2.They have an universal translator for technical information and any other language works
  • 3. It Clearly defines all the  expectations
  • 4.It also helps in Reducing the  risk of product failure,
  • 5.It Aligns all the  market needs

• Disadvantages of product management •

  • 1. It involves lot of risk
  • 2. It has high cost as the company needs to pay the managers not a  small amount but a good amount.
  • 3.As coemptions are high the managers needs to work more to bring out best from their products to achieve their goals.

Is product manager is a good position ?

  • Yes obviously , Product manager  are the good option for one to increasingly their positions in the company , with high salaries and great opportunities for growth and earn . In fact they are also paid well and promoted to high level as their work without any pressurised.
  • They also gets well frame and name in the office , one can be happy with this job which  depends on the person how he/she feels about the job.This job is not so easy for a person to get as it requires lot of experience and alos communication skills.

How long does it take to become a product manager ?

  • It takes generally 2-3 years for perusing management after completing degree with a good score . It mainly depends on the experience they show on their work. Without any experience their certificate may have no value in front of the company .
  • So, experience is very essential to get this post . The person can take a degree from any of the streams they took during their schooling but the training is much important to get the post

• Salary of a product management •

  • According to recent  PayScale, the average base salary of product managers in India is approx. ₹1,669,290 per annum.
  • The average product manager salary in India is 16 lakhs, and  it can go up to 30 lakhs per year with experience and added skills of the person and their work how they bring the product more up .
  • The salary also varies from work to work the more one person work they gets more salary.

Who has  the highest paid product manager ?

  • The company who offers highest salary to their product manager are below , there are lot but the top are shown below .

• CompanyMedian Base Salary (USD)Upper Limit (USD) •

  • Facebook (SF)175,000220,000
  • Snap Inc. (LA)163,000240,000
  • Apple (SF)155,000200,000
  • Cisco (SF)152,000160,000


  • Product management is a great work for one under a company which increases the salary with the respect of the work they do. Product Managers are the person who works under the guidance of the owner of the company and then they  work with groups inside and outside of the company with many staffs in order to build and,
  • execute a success  plan to make sure that the product gets best frame and being able to meets its financial and strategic goals. Product mangement is very important in order to run to ru  the company in smooth way as they are the one who looks after all the products specially the new product.

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