The Sandman Movie

The Sandman is a 1991 stop-motion animation film, animated and directed by Paul Berry (1961–2001)[2][3] and nominated for an Oscar for Best Animated Short Film in 1993

The storyline is inspired by the E.T.A. Hoffmann's version of the European legend of The Sandman.

Late on a moonlit evening, a young boy is sent up to bed by his mother. He walks through the darkened hallway of his house and ascends the long, narrow flights of stairs alone,

becoming increasingly paranoid that something is following him, until he reaches the safety of his bedroom. As he's drifting off to sleep, he sees a face appear in the crescent Moon outside his window.

At the bottom of the stairs, a monstrous, bird-like man appears, looking like the face the boy saw. It begins to clamber upstairs, slamming doors and creaking floorboards all the way to let the boy know of its impending presence.

Frightened, the boy accidentally knocks over his oil lamp—alerting the monster to exactly what room he's in.

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