What Is Google Chrome Helper Mic? How To Disable it 2021


Google chrome is a web browsers under the association of google . It is generally used for searching various Wikipedia. Most of the searching by a person are done on chrome which has a security . Maximum of people perform to use chrome  as it is simple to use as searching on leads to later go to chrome which needs a lot of time for time saving nowadays people use chrome for better performance of their searching .

What Is Google Chrome Helper Mic? How To Disable it 2021

Chrome is very popular web browser which gives a lot of knowledge on particular topic the one is searching for. This chrome also a useful for the school and college students for doing their projects and assignments respectively. Chrome generally provides good information to the user to get free knowledge. It is very popular app which is associated with google.


  • Google chrome helper is a name which runs outside the browser of mac.  It is essential for the interference bridge that allows external plug ins to work on  once mac.
  • This sometimes gives problem to the mac users..
  • Google chrome is used to disable multiple chrome processes including disable , google chrome helper .
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  • If one is using google chrome on mac, then he/she will notice that it consumes lot of CPU usage. It is most likely the google chrome helper that like a parasite and feeds on mac memory, which helps the user a lot .One cannot find this phantom unless one opens MacBook activity monitor.
  • Sometimes google chrome runs slow in mac even if the user clears the history of chrome.
  • Windows server of MacBook if takes memory of 80 % which is very high , normally it should take 10%.


  • To get rid  of this one need to disable the Google Chrome Helper, then the person should select the slider at the top of the menu to the off position


  • To get rid of this the one should abkle to  disable the Google Chrome Helper,the user should first select the slider at the top of the menu to the off position. When the user  turned off, the option will update to Do not allow any site to use a plugin to access the users computer, rather than Asking the  site  to use a plug-in to access the users  computer.

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How do the user can  free up RAM on his/ her Mac?

  • The following steps should be followed by one to free up the ram
  • 1.One should restart the Mac.  By restarting the computer is the simplest way to free up RAM. …
  • 2.Then the user should keep update of  macOS. …
  • 3.The user should keep Checking Activity Monitor. …
  • 4.The user should Close the suspect applications. …
  • 5.Then the user should Check the macs CPU usage. …
  • 6.Ways to maximise the RAM3


  • Mac user should follow the above steps to clean up the RAM of the mac in order to run the mac fast. Google chrome helper helps the mac user to increase the ram taken by the chrome , which makes the mac run slow and gets harder to run the windows by the user.
  • This is used by many user to reduced the slow run of their mac.
  • The user of the mac gets all the google solution through Google chrome helper. Maximum of mac user install this application in order to increase the running speed of the MacBook without getting ram usage slow.

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