What is Phlebotomy Tech ?

INTRODUCTION – Phlebotomy is the one of the easiest job in Medical professionals, with  minimum training and minimum certificate requirements. This is the job which a person can get in less time and required less money for qualifying this.

What is Phlebotomy Tech ?


Phlebotomy is a technicians under medical professions where they collects the samples of various blood from the patients and prepares the blood samples of the patients for testing.

They also works in hospitals and clinics where some collects blood from the people and keeps them for donation purposes. They are really an important person in medical as they explains the blood drawing procedure which makes the patients easy to understand.


  • This required very less time. The one who wants to become technicians in this fields requires 4-8 months with  1-2 semester, which varies from school to school.Then they need to prepare themselves for working with patients along with different settings such as labs, blood banks , and hospitals.
  • They need to learn various techniques, and how to work with the patients during any situation. To become technicians in this field one need to core GCSE subjects such as maths , English, science

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The average salary of phlebotomy technician is Rs 2,50,134 per year, on the other hand senior level technicians earns Rs 3,93,594 per year ( 8 years of experience in this field. )


  • This is the training program which falls under the health care sector . This program is for short period of time which is an advantage for the people who wants to join in this field.
  • They are also trained in areas like collecting samples, labelling samples, safely storing the samples , transporting samples etc. This training are present in various formats such as skill diploma, certificate diploma etc.
  • This is a certificate based program with 4-8 months , with eligibility after passing 12 with science subjects . There fees is based on the institutions how they provide courses to their students .
  • The fees could be 2-5k INR per course . When this course is complete the person can work at medical labs , NGOs etc….


This is one of the short term and less fees course under health care sector. They provide a good training  and the person who passes the training and gets the certificate under his/her institution then he/she is eligible for the job ,where he /she needs to work under hospitals and clinics for collecting blood samples, and sometimes they also need to look after the blood samples storage room as when any patients requires blood they can provide it as blood donation.

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