A pharmacy technician is a licensed health care supplier who performs pharmacy related various functions like  working collaboratively with a licensed pharmacist and sometimes they collaborate with hospitals to provide medicine, injections etc to the patients. PHARMACY TECH WORK They also comes under medical sector.



  • Pharmacy technicians are the person who work under the medical sector , and they are connected with pharmacists in hospitals, and other medical works for  helping to prepare and distribute medicines to patients or patients family .
  • This pharmacy are now available in online with various website where pharmacy tech works under the website and they are paid accordingly….


  • It is necessary that all pharmacy technicians should work under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist which is issued by the law . In case any situation occurs then they can be safe from any criminal case so it is very necessary for one to have license ..
  • The high paid are given to the pharmacy tech who are working in collab with hospital , as they are the experienced one with maximum training and certificates . Which is very important.

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The pharmacy tech works under the regardless of

  • 1 Retail Pharmacy, as the number of pharmacy tech works here it is a most common and easy job for the person.
  • 2 Hospitals , here the work is much harder as they are collab with the respective hospital and they are bound to keep their medical shop open during the night also as they supply the medicine to the hospitals and sometimes during emergency the patients family need to buy so they prefer the medicine from the hospital pharmacy.
  • 3 Mail order pharmacy , they distribute their medicine through online , the patients sends their prescription to the online website then the pharmacy tech looks and accordingly he sends the medicines to the respective address. This is very popular nowadays.
  • There are lot of sector for working pharmacy tech mentioning all of them is not easy.

Hospital Pharmacy Technician Salary

  • The salary depends on various factors . The various factors are state, position, government or private. Etc The average pharmacy technician  salary in India is ₹2,52,747 per year or  ₹122 per hour , they also earn an average bonus of ₹3,058. In private sector , the more dedication they show the more they earn. This depends on them totally.

Do hospitals hire pharmacy tech ?

  • Qualifications of Hospital Pharmacy Technicians., some state hospital often hire certified pharmacy technicians, which is very important for future . Hospitals also look for pharmacy technicians who have at least 1 – 2 years of experience, without proper experience one should not be able to work under big and popular hospital as they need good trainings.

Why is pharmacy tech pay so low?

  • Since requirements and the work  are low. The new certification requirements will drive pay up somewhat, but as long as minimal schooling and training are required, there will be a additional of applicants with resultant low pay. As they have not such much work so they are paid low not too low not too high…


  • The high paid are given to the pharmacy tech who are working in collab with hospital , as they are the experienced one with maximum training and certificates . Which is very important.


  • The pharmacy tech plays very important role in the medical sector because the prescriptions which are provided by the doctors are written in very complicated way which are only understood by pharmacy tech as they are given this training  during their course .
  • They are the person who should be dedicated towards their work and should be very sincere about their work . As they sometimes need to stay night with the open shop[ which is very a hard work .

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